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Two months ago, we broke the story about a man named Elvis who built a tiny mobile shelter for a woman sleeping in the dirt on his block.

Meanwhile, one nine-year-old girl has been doing the very same thing–and she came up with the idea all on her own.

Hailey Fort of Bremerton, Washington, first befriended a homeless man named Edward when he lost his job at their local supermarket. Hailey, who happens to be handy with an electric drill, decided to get to work building him a “mobile sleeping shelter,” and she knows what she’s doing.mandi simon headshot simon says give submitted

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“If there was no insulation, he would get cold. If there was no tar paper, he would get a draft,” she told King 5 news. With a little help from her grandfather, who is a contractor by trade, she successfully built Edward a 8×4 wooden shelter.

Hailey, in fact, has a history of helping the homeless, having planted a garden to supply 128 pounds of produce for a local food bank. She has since received grants to help build more homeless shelters to donate to Edward’s friends in Bremerton’s “Tent City.”

Hailey’s fundraising campaign has already raised $29,000. You can also follow Haily’s Harvest on Facebook.

(WATCH the King-5 video below to see Hailey in action) –Story Tip from Denise Keeran

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