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When I first sat down to meditate, I couldn’t sit still. I had what we call in Australia, “ants in my pants.”

For me, the idea of doing nothing felt like hard and lonely work, and I didn’t really connect to the practice until I found teachers and friends with whom I could sit in community. Guided meditations are a great way into the practice, as they offer a certain type of stillness that’s made comfortable by the soothing support of an external voice.

I always tell people that meditation is easier to learn with the help of a good teacher. Under the guidance of an experienced instructor we feel safe to let go and open the door to growth and transformation. Even if all we hear is inhale and exhale, we’ll feel at ease knowing that we have an external metronome and compass to rely on. To get started, try the following guided meditations from featuring renowned teachers such as Deepak Chopra, M.D.

All you have to do is breathe.

An essential step to starting meditation is finding the time to practice. This short one-minute meditation by Deepak Chopra is a perfect option when you’re too busy for a longer session.

This meditation with Lodro Rinzler, an author and meditation teacher on, focuses on tuning into the breath and cultivating calm.

The next time you are waiting for the train or find yourself with space in your day, try this meditation with Lodro Rinzler which will help you fill otherwise empty moments with mindfulness.

Discover the power of positivity with this 10-minute loving kindness meditation from meditation expert Jamie Zimmerman, M.D.

Beyond its profound effects in every day life, meditation can help you sleep better at night. This beautiful and soft meditation with Lodro Rinzler will help you ease into deep and restorative rest.

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