This college football player isn’t simply a star on the field; he has shown himself to be a shining citizen off the field, as well.

Garrett Johnson, who is a junior defensive back for the University of Tennessee, was walking through Knoxville earlier this week when he met a homeless man who was having trouble walking in the tattered shoes he was wearing.

Johnson then leaves and comes back with two pairs of new shoes. He offers one of the boxes to the homeless man while a woman who says she is the athlete’s sister films the exchange with her phone.

“These are comfortable tennis shoes,” says Johnson. “They’re New Balances.”

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The man hesitates, and then asks if they’re free – and Johnson says yes.

As the man slips the shoes on, Johnson offers the second pair of shoes to another homeless man sitting on a nearby bench. When the man declines, Johnson simply leaves them with his new friend.

Johnson then shakes the man’s hand before he leaves. He later posted the video of the exchange to Twitter in hopes that he would inspire others to act similarly.

“I walked to the strip to get food and a homeless man (Lala) couldn’t walk because his feet were hurting from the torn shoes he had on,” wrote Johnson. “I told him I would come back and 15 mins later I did. Don’t know those people, but I do care.”

(WATCH the video below)

Score Big With Your Friends And Share The Good NewsPhoto by Garrett Johnson

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