The Lesson: Sometimes even the most enjoyable things in life can become routine. When this happens, we need a new challenge that inspires us. This can take shape in many forms – especially when our hearts are open to learning about each other’s differences. In this inspiring story, John Grady’s interaction with a stranger connects an entire audience together through the power of overcoming what seems at first like an impossible task, but soon becomes an exercise in adaption, compassion, and inclusion.

Notable Excerpt: “And that thing, that thing that is starting to happen that can only happen on a live performance where the event on stage is starting to mirror what’s happening with the audience’s experience and it exists somewhere in between and creates this bio feedback loop of event and experience and experience and event…and now we’re with the audience and they are with us.”

The Speaker: Actor and writer, John Grady, made his off-Broadway debut with the Blue Man Group. In addition to performing with the group for over 8 years, Grady is also a multiple story slam winner at the Moth. His stories have aired on KCRW, CBC Radio, and on the Moth Radio Hour on NPR.

Podcast: The Moth Radio Hour airs on more than 460 radio stations around the world. Episodes are also available for free on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and on their website.

(LISTEN to the inspiring talk below)

The Moth Mainstage, NYC from John Grady on Vimeo.

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