Wounded Tree Frog released Frog Safe Inc

An Australian frog was treated like a prince when he was injured in an accident with a lawn mower — even being airlifted to a hospital that specializes in treating frogs.

The outback green tree frog has a nasty cut to his back after a woman accidentally ran over him with her mower. With the help of the Cairns Frog Hospital, she was able to arrange to have him hop on a flight to go for treatment.

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An airline donated the appropriate pet carrier, but the amphibian still had to go through security like every other passenger — even being x-rayed.

The hospital reports the frog has recovered quickly and is gaining weight.

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“Most of the public still doesn’t realize that frogs are not necessarily included in your typical wildlife rescue repertoire,” hospital president Deborah Pergolotti, told Australia’s ABC News. “It’s still one of the animals that have not really made it above that line — there’s almost a glass ceiling.”

Fortunately for this frog, there were a lot of people willing to help him leap through it.

(Photo: Cairns Frog Hosptial and Frog Safe, Inc.)

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