Johnnie Phillips used to suffer through the 2-hour walk to and from work every day – but not anymore, thanks to a compassionate customer.

Johnnie is a father of three who works at a Circle K gas station in Springfield, Illinois. Despite having to work 10-hour shifts, he still braves the tedious walks to his job through heat and high weather.

Jim Copeland, who works for a postal service contractor, always stops by the gas station to pick up a snack on his way to work every night.

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After several months of chatting with the attendant, Copeland found out about Phillips’s lack of transportation.

Eager to help his favorite Circle K cashier, Copeland found a bike for sale on Craigslist. Then, he presented the gift to Phillips over the weekend.

When Copeland placed the gift into Phillips’s outstretched arm, the attendant couldn’t contain his excitement.

Phillips teared up, laughing gleefully, and took the bike for a spin around the parking lot. Though he’s a grown man and father, he still looked as happy as a kid on Christmas morning.

“I wanted to get him something special,” Copeland told Inside Edition. “He’s a go-getter.”

(WATCH the video below)

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