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German police are hailing the actions of a 25-year-old refugee from Syria who turned in a stash of cash that he found inside a donated cabinet.

The city of Minden has called him the “hero of the day” after his honesty led him to return several bank savings books and cash totaling more than 150,000 euros.

While assembling a donated wardrobe in his sparsely furnished apartment, he found a board screwed under a shelf which was hiding the booklets and 100 new 500-euro bills.

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Once the man determined by an internet search that the bills were “real” money, he called the refugee officials in Minden, who immediately informed the police.

“This young man has behaved exemplary and deserves great credit,” according to police. “That someone finds and gives smaller amounts of cash to the police is often the case, but such a large sum is the absolute exception.”

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The humble young refugee, whose family remained in Syria, arrived in Germany in early October, and has been taking language lessons. Since he already has a bachelor’s degree in communications technology from his home country, he would like to further his studies in Germany to achieve a master’s degree.

The police are now trying the find rightful owner.

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