Kurdish Woman Wears Only Red screenshot ANHA

As the “Islamic State” known as ISIS retreats, there has been a steady advance of bright colors on the streets of Syrian cities and towns.

Women are celebrating liberation from the terrorists by donning brilliant hues, as a symbolic celebration of their freedom — and one woman even says she will “only wear red” for the rest of her life.

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“Oh God! Oh God! Freed! Freed!” Khadija Abdu Al-Muotee exclaims to a reporter for ANHA News. “Now I will only wear red!”

Under ISIS rule, women were required to wear only black, baggy clothes that covered their whole bodies, or face punishment.

Smiling and excited in her interview, the Kurdish woman is decked out in a red leopard-print head scarf, with bright red cloth flowers attached at the shoulder—almost bold enough for ISIS fighters to see it miles away as they flee her village.

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The video below is in Arabic, but Khadija’s excitement speaks volumes in any language.

(WATCH the video below or READ more at The Foreign Desk) — Photo: ANHA News

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