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Acts of kindness are contagious – that’s why this young Syrian refugee decided to pay it forward big time after someone picked up his tab in a Canadian vegan restaurant.

Brice Royer was having a nice sit-down meal in Vancouver, BC when he observed a man with an irresistibly sunny smile.

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Feeling inspired by the gentleman’s bright disposition, Royer paid for his meal and wrote out a receipt, reading “Unconditional Love for $0”.

After the man received the gift, he approached the cashier and said he wanted to pay for all the diners in the restaurant – five tables all together.

The cashier’s eyes almost fell out of their sockets and we all looked at each other in awe,” wrote Royer on Facebook.

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“I’m glad I didn’t meet you at a steak house or my bill would’ve been so expensive!” the man joked.

“He then asked me for more love receipts to give away,” Brice wrote. “It uplifted the entire restaurant and his gift inspired others to pay it forward too.”

“It’s incredible how a simple random act of kindness like smiling can create an instant positive ripple effect.”

You can print out your own unconditional love receipts for future good deeds HERE.

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