Every little thing that this youngster does is magic—from her smile to the way police cars seemingly light up at her command.

In an adorable video that was uploaded by the Orlando Police Department of Florida back in November 2018, a smiling policeman and a little girl with a magic wand can be seen walking past a line of parked police cars.

As they pass each police car, the little girl taps the bumpers with her wand—and to her delight, the red and blue lights of the cars turn on in response to her magic wand-waving.

Needless to say, the police department’s video of the event is pretty adorable.

The cars had already been lined up in preparation for the regular “Goodnight Lights” tradition at the Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

“Officers will wave at kids and run lights and sirens while the kids flash their room lights in response,” wrote the department.

The officers say that they participate in the event because they simply “love putting smiles on the faces of kids”—and based on their videos, it seems that they did a job well done.

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