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A fourth grade girl in Texas felt really sad that one of her best friends couldn’t play with her on the swings at school. Her motorized wheelchair couldn’t roll over the gravel on the playground, and it certainly wouldn’t fit in a swing.

But Rylea Lambert has one thing going for her when it comes to playtime. Her friend, Jayci Stubblefield, decreed the situation just wasn’t fair and decided to do something about it.

dragon-wheelchair-costume-MagicWheelchair-website“I kept saying in my mind, ‘Why doesn’t every kid get to play?’” Jayci told KXAS News.

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Principal Jason Beatty thought the nine-year-old had a pretty good point, so he teamed up with the girls to fix the problem.

He found out he could use money from a bond issue that voters had approved to pave the playground. Now all he needed was a way come up with the $10,000 needed for the special swing.

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Deeming little Jayce the perfect spokesperson for their cause, he asked her to plead Rylea’s case before the Aledo ISD Education Foundation, in Weatherford, Texas. The little girls brought grown men to tears, and the foundation decided all four elementary schools in their district needed the special swings.

The school and foundation must raise the money through private donations, and are a quarter of the way there.

Jayci has set up a GoFundMe page, and is selling bracelets and t-shirts, emblazoned with, “Every Kid Deserves a Chance to Play.” She hopes to raise all the money needed for the four swings before the girls move on together to their next school.

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Swing Into Action, Share This to Help Raise Money…

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