Tom Morgan may not have had enough helium balloons to pilot an entire house through the sky, like in Disney Pixar’s Up, but he certainly had enough for one heck of an adventure.

The Englishman is being hailed for piloting a deckchair fifteen miles across the skies of South Africa last Friday using 100 helium balloons to sail 8,000 feet in the air..

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The Group has Raised Millions of Dollars for Charity

Morgan is the founder of The Adventurists, a group dedicated to organizing incredible escapades, fighting boredom, and “saving the world from the horrors of modern life”. While the surreal stunt is not out of the ordinary for him, he says that it isn’t all about having fun: the group has raised millions of dollars for charity through their bizarre adventures.

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“I figure if we are going to enjoy ourselves out there in the world we should give something back,” Morgan told “The teams have done a staggeringly amazing job over the years of whipping up millions of pounds for some excellent causes.”

Morgan is not the first person to successfully pilot a deck chair. In 1982, a daring truck driver named Larry Walters rose to an altitude of 15,000 feet and drifted for 45 minutes across Southern California before landing in some power lines in Long Beach. The stunt inspired a wonderful romantic comedy film Danny Deckchair.

And in 2007, Kent Couch of Bend Oregon attached 105 helium balloons to his lawn chair and flew 193 miles over two states at altitudes exceeding 12,000 feet.

After the successful balloon mission last week, the Adventurists plan on helping other intrepid travelers into the sky by orchestrating balloon-powered deck chair races in the future.

(WATCH the video below)

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