Haiti Amputee Soccer teamOn Tuesday, a group of American soldier amputees got some special encouragement from people who know what it’s like to overcome adversity.

The Haitian Amputee Soccer Team visited Washington, D.C. to hold a clinic for the soldiers at the local football stadium. The athletes primarily lost their limbs in the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti last year.

(WATCH the video below or READ the story at NBC Washington)


  1. Geri,

    Thanks for this story. As you may know, I am from Haiti and I was there during the earthquake of 2010. It is always good to see some inspiring news coming out of Haiti.

    These folks are the true survivors of the earthquake… Hats off to them.

  2. No, Jac, I did not know you were from Haiti. More good news came out this week as Haiti’s government announced they were “Open for Business” after the parliament passed the Cabinet, and its new plan for recovery. I love that Bill Clinton and others have spent a lot of time trying to build their economy, and open opportunities there. Blessings to them from all of us here at Good News Network.

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