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BLOG Submitted by LillGracie– So I had $14 in my pocket. I was going to spend $9 in Powerball and Lotto tickets and get myself some lunch.

I walk into the Chinese dollar scoop joint, and there is this dude standing there. He dropped two quarters, and was having a hard time picking them up. I couldn’t tell if he was drunk or high; but it didn’t matter. I picked up the quarters and handed them to him. His face is bruised, his ears are cut and bloody, he’s moving really, really slowly.

He looks at me, says thank you, and then…

Dude: Man I’m hungry. Thanks for getting those quarters. My back hurts, or I would have gotten them myself. I just need a little something to eat. I guess I’ll have an eggroll (while he is counting his change), but I really want a soup. . . Maybe next time.

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Me: I’m hungry too! Soup, does sound good huh?

Dude: Yeah. I’ll get an eggroll. Sorry I look so messy; I got beat up.

Me: No sweat at all, dude.

The lady comes to take our orders, and when they ask him what he wants,

Me: “He’ll take a number #3, (because it comes with a soup). He looks at me

Dude: “I don’t even have enough for that. Are you sure?

Me: I didn’t ask you what you have. I asked you what you wanted

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They make his food, give him a tray, and he says I’ll be sitting at the table over there, will you eat lunch with me?

If I had more time I probably would have. Maybe more than the food, he just wanted someone to talk to. (Next time.)

Who needs to win Powerball when I struck it rich just helping someone out?

This is my friend Felicidad, an amazing, selfless woman who gives so much to this world in her work, and everyday life. ❤️

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