This 10-year-old son only had seconds to act when two burglars started accosting his mother for her earrings – but impressively, his reaction directly helped in putting both of the crooks in jail.

Didier and Tanya Levenfiche had just arrived at their home near London on an August night in 2016. As they were getting out of the car, two men came out of the shadows and put Tanya in a headlock. While the men were trying to tear off the 48-year-old mother’s earrings, Didier pressed the panic button on their home security system and started memorizing the men’s faces.

The men were scared off by the alarm, leaving the mother and son stunned by the ordeal.

Due to Didier’s quick thinking, however, he was later able to identify one of the men in a police lineup on Tuesday.

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The criminals, brothers Devlin and Eugene Williams, were arrested and charged with over 14 years worth of robberies around the Westminster area. They have both been sentenced to up to 8 years in prison.

Since law enforcement had been struggling to catch the brothers for years, Didier was honored as Westminster’s police hero of 2016.

“Eugene and Devlin Williams are dangerous criminals who targeted innocent people across London,” said Detective Constable Martin Thomas, according to the Telegraph. “Thanks to Didier’s attention to detail, both men were arrested in August 2016 and successfully picked out at an ID parade. Didier’s brave actions directly led to them being brought to justice and we are very proud to have named him as our hero of the year.”

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