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Since early September, an army of Home Depot workers have modified hundreds of homes for disabled veterans.

More than 4,800 “Team Depot” members have joined local veterans’ organizations in 140 American cities to build ramps, remodel kitchens, and make 303 homes more livable for veterans.

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It’s part of Team Depot’s fifth annual “Celebration of Service” campaign running through Veterans Day this week. Since 2011, the campaign has transformed 22,000 veterans’ lives and built housing for homeless veterans.

This year, your ‘selfie’ can make a difference

Every selfie posted in the next three days will help the hardware chain’s foundation raise a million dollars for upgrading homes of disabled veterans.

For every picture tagged with #ServiceSelfie, posted between now and Veteran’s Day on November 11, 2015 the Home Depot Foundation will donate one dollar to organizations that help senior veterans and veterans with service-connected disabilities.

(WATCH the Team Depot video below)

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