For a time, homelessness may have kept them from sharing the same nest, but these two songbirds have built a bond that’s totally unbreakable.

In exchange for a few enchanting melodies, a parrot rescue organization offered Wende Harston, a homeless jazz singer, a refuge for Sam, her favorite bird. Tabrizi in Kitchen Facebook

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The Gabriel Foundation offered Sam a place to rest his pipes—among 1,000 other rescued birds—while Harston stayed in her RV on the streets of Denver, Colorado. The two reunited several times a week to “get out of their respective cages,” and Wende found an audience among the rest of the birds, who liked to sing along.

Don’t worry, though. This story has a happy ending: Wende and Sam have found a place to live and are happily nesting together.

(WATCH the video above from USAToday)

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