Because it is a simple solution to the problem of harassment, this new auto-rickshaw service is being hailed as a groundbreaking achievement for women in India.

Pink Auto Service is owned and operated by women, and it caters exclusively to women.

The business, which was launched by the Surat Municipal Corporation, ensures that females of any age can have safe access to transportation, and guaranteed employment with the service.

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Currently, the service employs 15 women with 70 more in training.

“We everyday read about harassment of women commuters in different cities,” SMC assistant commissioner Gayatri Jariwala told the Times of India. “This is why we thought of this service which not only provides employment to women but ensures safe travel for female passengers.”

Chief minister Vijay Rupani reportedly initiated Pink Auto Service at the Dr. Shyama Prasad Community Hall in Surat over the weekend.

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