A Virgina couple hunting for gems in the great outdoors stumbled upon something much more precious.

Beau Ouimette had his camera handy last year when he and wife discovered a severely injured baby fox. Apparently orphaned, the one-month-old kit was “severely dehydrated, weak and had a bloody wound to it’s neck.” Fortunately, Ouimette’s wife is a veterinarian and both have been vaccinated against rabies. The couple scooped up the baby and brought it home to begin nursing her back to health.

A few days later the little one was strong enough to be taken to the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center in Millwood, Virginia where 2,000 native animals are rehabilitated each year.

After six months outside, the kit became healthy and was eventually released back into the wild.

WATCH Ouimette’s videos that show them bonding with the injured baby and saying goodbye, once.


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