A new “dog-sharing” app is ensuring that pet lovers everywhere can share in the sensation of having an adoring canine companion by their side without the responsibilities or expenses that come with adoption.

The Share A Dog app is a free service that works similarly to Airbnb and Uber – except with people’s dogs. If a dog owner has to work a job that requires long hours at the office, they can list their dog on the app. Caregivers can then offer to take care of the pet – or even take on partial ownership of the dog – while the owner is gone.

The service provides a host of benefits. For starters, the owner doesn’t have to feel guilty about leaving their dog home alone, and the loving canine doesn’t have to spend so much time alone. Families can also save hundreds of dollars in doggy daycare fees and the daily expenses of ownership.

Additionally, the caregivers can benefit from experiencing the joy of hanging out with cute pups without any kind of long-term commitment.

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59-year-old dog owner Janet Eggen, who is participating in a dog-sharing schedule, says that her poodle is now being raised by the community since her schedule became increasingly full – and it is apparently working out splendidly.

“There are a lot of people out there who want a dog but are afraid of the full-time responsibility,” Eggen told Freep. “After reading about dog sharing for the first time, I thought, ‘this might be a good solution.’”

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Another app that provides a similar service is Dog Time Community, except the platform simply pairs community members with dogs who need a walk.

While it’s obvious that man’s best friend deserve all of the love and attention in the world, both apps are progressive new ways to get sweet pups out of shelters and into the arms of some adoring humans.

(WATCH the Share a Dog video below)

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