One woman’s compulsion to find fun-loving peers has led to over 100,000 blossoming friendships around the world – and it is already leading to thousands more.

It was a Friday night in 2014 when the woman in question, Elva Carri, wanted to take advantage of the weekend and go out dancing.

But according to her business partner and friend, Aine Mulloy, Carri had to use more unconventional methods of finding platonic dance partners.

Mulloy told Good News Network: “Unfortunately, all her friends and family were either busy or tired, and she didn’t want to go out alone. So she turned to Tinder, which she had been using for dating purposes.

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“She changed her gender settings on the app, so she would appear as a man, and thus would show up to other women on the app.”

Carri then changed her feature photo to a bright pink graphic that explained her predicament to the female users who would see her profile.



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