This police officer is being hailed for his kindness after he received a call from a dollar store about a 12-year-old girl who was caught stealing.

Officer Milton was told by local Family Dollar Store employees in Atlanta, Georgia that a young girl had been apprehended trying to smuggle out $2 shoes.

When confronted about her actions, Officer Milton was heartbroken to discover that she had been stealing the shoes for her younger sister because her family couldn’t afford them.

Instead of punishing her for her misdemeanor, the compassionate cop gave the girl a ride back to her home and met her family.

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The mother of the Staples family was a parent to four kids, the youngest of which was a newborn baby. Though her husband held a job, they were still having trouble making ends meet and they couldn’t afford a sitter.

As a means of comforting the family, Officer Milton bought them four pizzas and drinks for dinner.

Though he did not want recognition for his deed, a fellow police officer leaked the story to outside sources. The Atlanta Police Department then made a Facebook post asking for donations for the unfortunate family.

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