Thanks to the internet community of Reddit, JD Chance will be honoring her father in a simple, but profound way that has the power to break through the fog of his dementia.

JD posted a plea for help on that website when she received a video of her 69-year-old father struggling to remember the notes of a song he had once known by heart.

“Every now and then growing up, Dad would sit down and play his song,” JD told the Good News Network. “I hadn’t heard him play it for a few years until the summer of 2015, which is the last time I’ve seen him (because I go to school 2,000 miles away from home and flights are ridiculous).”

Even though the 26-year-old healthcare student has been playing piano for 18 years, she was only able to piece together the first few bars with the rest of the tune remaining a mystery.

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She sought help on Reddit, where there are 542 million active users, asking if anyone knew the name of the song so she could learn the rest of it for her dad.

After a few failed attempts, a user named thepmyster labeled the elusive melody as “Little Spring Song” from the Thompson’s Piano Lesson series.

“I posted it to Reddit, HOPING for just a clue. I had two or three different people give me the correct song name within 2 hours,” she recalled in an email. “It was so touching to see all of the positive feedback.”

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Coincidentally, the user had only found the name of the song because they had recently discovered the books while cleaning out their attic.

JD says her father’s condition is too weak for a Skype call, but she hopes to record the song for him to watch on video while in a care facility.

(WATCH the video below for the completed song)

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