The engineer famous for creating a game-changing vacuum cleaner is using the same design ingenuity to help the environment.

James Dyson recently released his sketches for the M.V. Recyclone: a river barge that would collect garbage from polluted waterways. The barge would be equipped with a net that would skim the surface of the water and trap floating trash. The trash would then be separated using the very same cyclone technology that put Dyson vacuums on consumers’ radars during the 1990s.

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Once collected, the trash could then be delivered to local recycling facilities for processing.

Dyson told Inhabitat: “To an engineer, there’s a certain thrill in solving problems, and this was absolutely an interesting one. The concept actually started as a grid which skimmed rivers, attached to a power plant placed at strategic locations along a river. But this was slow and immobile, and hardly scalable. So I began thinking about how to make it better, faster, more efficient. And eventually the barge idea emerged.”

While the barge is still in the early phases of research and development, the engineer hopes that the final design will be able to cleanse river ways of pollution before the litter makes its way to the ocean.

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