You can now enjoy dozens of beautiful European cities while kayaking along their waterways – and you can do it for free on one condition.

In exchange for two hours of kayaking, paddlers are asked to pick up floating garbage and trash along the way.

Greenkayak, the Denmark-based environmental nonprofit responsible for the service, provide participants with a life vest, paddle, kayak, trash picker, and bucket.

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Since the organization launched in 2017, over 10,000 people have collected 24,000 tons of trash.

“In Denmark, people hang out on canals and eat pizza and unfortunately see trash floating by,” Greenkayak co-founder told Tobias Weber-Andersen told USA Today about the platform’s inspiration. “You can’t take your shirt off and jump in, but you can get in a GreenKayak and make an impact.”

The service is currently running on dozens of waterways located across Ireland, Norway, Denmark, and Germany. If you want to join in on the fun, you can visit the organization’s website to book your boats and get started.

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