balloon-in-sky-by-incurable-hippieIn an attempt to transform an ordinary Monday morning into something special, an artist has given thousands of yellow balloons to Kenyan commuters to counter the idea of Monday-morning blues.

During the past year Yazmany Arboleda has also traveled to Japan and India orchestrating his “Living Sculpture” called Monday Morning.

Yazmany Arboleda - CC photo by NeuenschwanderVolunteers for the project give away more than 10,000 balloons to people who are commuting to work during the time span of Monday Morning.

Arboleda, 30, is a multimedia artist based in New York City.

With this particular installation, he aims to highlight the way a society approaches work and anything that can be described as mundane and routine, ordinary events that manage to escape our notice.

(READ the story w/ photos from the BBC)

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