On a recent podcast, world renown comedian Kevin Hart recalled the moment at 19 years-old when he finally followed his mother’s advice, and it paid off—big time—both for his wallet and his heart.

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Kevin’s mom never wanted to attend any of his shows. She was very religious, but, despite his edgy humor, she was always very supportive of his career.

When he was 19, he was struggling to make it in comedy and over several months couldn’t pay his rent. Eventually, he went to his mom saying, “Look, you said you were going to help me— and I really need some money.”

She said, “Read your bible.”

Kevin told her, “I do read the bible, but the eviction notice is on the door!”

She replied, “Come back to me when you read your bible.”

A couple days went by, and they changed the color of the notice: “They’ve shifted to PINK. This is serious!”

Kevin Hart in 2014, photo by Eva Rinaldi, CC license

Kevin went back to his mom and said, “Mom, They’re going to kick me out. I need the money or else I’m not going to have a place to live.”

She asked again, “Did you READ your bible? — If you read your BIBLE, then you wouldn’t be talking to me.”

”Mom, this isn’t the TIME.”

…And, back-and-forth they went, the same as before.

That night, Kevin was in his bed. He said he opened the drawer and was like, “Lemme read this damn bible, so I can really tell this woman that I read the bible.”

So, he opens the book—and the rent checks for every month that entire year tumbled onto his lap.

They were literally waiting there all along.

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Even though she didn’t like his cursing and drinking, after she died in 2006, Kevin found a big box in her home with flyers and clippings of everything he had ever done in standup—back to the earliest days.

Today, Hart—who’s also a business tycoon in a variety of fields from entertainment to fashion to wellness to financial education—says he knows “a hundred percent that she’s still applauding everything” he’s doing, “just from another level.”

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