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American Brothers Save Irish Girl Swept Out to Sea in Serendipitous Twist of Fate

Indian School Educates Students Who Pay Tuition With Plastic Waste Instead of Money

Frantic Trucker Miraculously Reunited With Cat Co-pilot After Posting Photo to Obscure Online Forum

When World Hears About Cello Prodigy Living in Poverty, it Sends a Crescendo of Blessings

High School Performance of ‘Alien’ is So Impressive, Hollywood Stars Surprises Students at Next Show

Solving the Mystery of a Prosthetic Leg Found Atop a Pile of Sawdust Leads to Man’s Passionate Hobby

This Daredevil Took the World’s First-Ever Modern Bungee Jump – After Partying All Night

More Keanu Kindness: Actor Delights Passengers After Plane Makes Emergency Landing

After Exhausting Day of Hard Work, Two Friends Find ‘Heaven Sent’ Fridge in the Middle of a Field

8-Year-old Homeless Immigrant Was Taught to Play Chess – Breaks Record as State Champion in One Year

Stray Pup in Nepal Follows Mountain Climbers to The Top in Amazing Feat – May Be the World Record for a Dog

Simple Mistake in the Kitchen Turns into Sweet Smell of Success for a Homeless Veteran

Homeless Man’s Life Completely Changes After He Pays Back Animal Shelter That Kindly Cared for His Dog

Dog Goes From Digging Through Trash to Being Featured in a Hollywood Movie—and More

Ireland Will Finally Get Its Own Ice Hockey Rink –Thanks to a Very Famous Canadian

Dad Confronts Bully by Treating Him Like a Son – Now the Homeless Boy Has Money and Friendship

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Uses Private Jet to Reunite Mom With Sons Who Were Abducted to Syria

When I Was Alone at the Hospital at 4AM, a Lyft Driver Restored My Faith in Humanity

How an Accidental Phone Call Pulled a Young Mom Out of Drug Addiction and Despair

Story From Our New Book Will Lift You 40,000 Feet – Hear it on Our 50th Episode of Good News Guru!

Veteran Given 4 Months to Live Transforms Polluted Creek – and Gets 27 More Years Because of It

Dying 86-Year-old Bought 14 Years Worth of Christmas Gifts for His 2-Year-old Neighbor

One Cat’s Obsession With Hunting Birds Leads to Invention That Has Saved Hundreds of Thousands

DJ Spins Records From His Garden Shed Since 1974 for an Audience of One – His Wife

Hero Garbageman Refuses to Flee Wildfires So He Can Check On Seniors Along His Route

Hiker Was About to Die in a Snowstorm When She Was Saved by a Total Stranger Following Her Intuition

Frantic Woman Dials Wrong Number, But it Becomes the Perfectly Right Number

Buying Coffee and a Muffin at Restaurant Drive-thru Saves a Stranger’s Life

Baseball Playoff Winners and Celebrities Play Ping-Pong in Dodger Stadium to Lift Kids From Trafficking

Depressed by Cable News Playing in Public Everywhere, He Designed Glasses That Black Out Screens

Uber Driver Stumbles Into Gift of New Hands For His 11-Year-old Daughter After Picking Up Engineering Student

How a College Student and Minister Answered Each Other’s Prayers With a Note Attached to a Balloon

Kids Aim to Tally One Billion Acts of Peace in Just 10 Days–Let’s All Join Them!

A Man Got a Nobel Prize for Her Discovery. 44 Years Later, She’s Awarded Breakthrough Physics Prize and $3Mil

9/11 Special: After Losing 66 People, Investment Bankers Make Most Memorable Investment They’d Ever Make

Humble Popcorn Seller From Texas is Now the ‘People’s Prime Minister of Australia’

Two Drag Queens Moved Into a Nursing Home, and Brought Joy With Them

Beer Deliveryman Prevents Suicide on a Bridge By Offering a Cold One—and Channeling Denzel Washington

In Twist of Fate, NFL Star’s Organs Go to the Ailing Sports Hero Who Inspired Him

Teen Wanted to Auction His Pig to Help a Teacher – But These Four Bidders Had Better Plans

Man Saves Ancient Books From Dumpster and, Months Later, Finds Amazing Inscriptions

When Strangers on a Plane Overhear Teacher Talk About Her Students, Everyone Opens Their Wallets

After Youth Walks 7 Hours to First Day of Work, CEO Hands Over His Own Car as a Thank You

Immigrant Endures Misery in Search of American Dream, Stays Positive Until a Brilliant Idea Unlocks it

Woman Scours the Web For Years to Find Sister She Never Met – Until Her New Neighbor Moves In

Humble Bus Driver Who’s Learned From Past Mistakes is Hailed for Saving Frantic Mom on Vacation

Lost Corgi Goes Viral on Twitter, But Old-Fashioned Fate Brings Him Home

Routine Traffic Stop Reveals Major Connection Between Driver and Officer From 27 Years Ago

Unlikely Friendship Born in a Grocery Aisle in 2016 is a Sweet Reminder that Good Things Last

Once Mocked for Raising His Hand in Class, Former Homeless Kid Overcomes Odds to Live Harvard Dream

A Japanese Mother’s Mighty Love After 45 Years Apart: ‘She knew you would be back.’

Husband’s Hunch Saves Woman Who Fell Asleep Watching TV

With DNA Test He Finds Long-Lost Brother at His Own College – And They’re Blown Away by Another Discovery

Remember the Young Man With Plan to Rid Oceans of Plastic? His Massive Project to Launch This Summer

‘Angel’ Dad is the Only Foster Parent Willing to Take in Terminally-ill Children

Toddler Wakes Up Right When Parents Agree to Remove Life Support – Doctors Call it Easter Miracle

Dramatic Moment When Woman Decides to March into Frozen Lake to Rescue Stranger’s Dog

Deputy’s Act of Kindness Leads Homeless Man to Family He Never Knew He Had

Humble Waitress Who Sliced Ham for a Senior is Rewarded Big Time After Texans Swoon Over the Photo

Stranger Sets Off Incredible Chain of Good Deeds That Saved 6 Lives

Street Fighter is Giving Back: 13-0, The Inspiring Story of UFC’s Brian Ortega

Mom Turns $700 into a $65 Million Company After Manufacturer Calls Her ‘a Stupid Woman’

Woman Realizes the Old Dog She Just Adopted Was Same One She Had as a Child

Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio Saved This Woman’s Life When She was Given 6 Months to Live

Dad Accidentally Asks A-List Celebrity to Step Out of His Photo With Matthew Broderick

Amazing Story of Synchronicity With No Explanation Other Than FATE

Stranger Gives the Boots Off His Feet to Freezing Homeless Man on the Subway

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