Kids don’t just say the darndest things – they can imagine some pretty crazy things too.

This is why a design company asked ten children to envision what they thought the cars of the future should look like.

GoCompare says that they first became inspired to do the project after England announced new initiatives in meeting the country’s environmental goals under the Paris Agreement.

“Since Britain announced that the sale of diesel and petrol cars will be banned from 2040, the question of what the cars of the future will be like is highly relevant,” a GoCompare spokesperson told Good News Network. “We were inspired to ask children because they’re the ones who will be driving these cars – and we knew they would come up with some unexpected ideas.”

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They were right, too – the kids did not just give their imaginary automobiles style; they also gave them features so sustainable, they could make Tesla jealous.

A designer from the company then drew out detailed illustrations of what the cars could look like – and the children were delighted.

“The kids were really pleased and excited to see their work brought to life and published online. We are also planning to print out and frame their artwork and send it to them, which should be a nice surprise.”

Check out the stunningly chic creations below:

10) The Rainbow Convertible 3000

This flamboyant caravan, as drawn by 12-year-old Charlotte, is equipped with state-of-the-art wings for avoiding traffic jams, as well as a reflective rainbow paint job. As you can see, the interior is large enough to comfortably live in; perfect for any colorful nomad living on the road.


9) Charlie’s Car

Charlie, already a sensibly fashionable youngster at the age of 11, focused on the chic exterior of his model and settled for the basics: rainbow headlights and touchscreen doors.


8) The Unicar

This dazzling vehicle may look whimsical, but don’t be fooled – the Unicar comes equipped with a turbo boost, eyelash-installed cameras, and specially designed wings for water travel. Additionally, the metal can change color—useful for sneaking up on dragons and enemy Unicars.

7) Boban’s Car

Simple, but efficient; sleek, but powerful; this design penned by 11-year-old Boban is an example of humble engineering and practical sensibility. While it may look like a hardy railroad car, it can also travel underwater for all of your aquatic travel needs (rumor has it, Aquaman is keeping his eye out for this model on the assembly line).

6) The Mega Alset

This automotive model can do it all: it has wings for flying, It has big wheels for going fast, It has a rocket for extra propulsion. It includes a shark fin for more efficient water travel (or frightening beachgoers – your choice). Not to mention that it is hydroelectrically powered for even the most environmentally-conscious drivers.

5) The Hover Car

It wouldn’t be the future without hover cars – which is why 11-year-old Paula designed this two-story automobile with magnetic strips and solar powered roofing. The prototype’s interior design shows a cozy – but still modest – living area, while the outside features a confident, but family-friendly design. The first floor is also equipped with a microphone for its voice command system. Maybe also karaoke, if you are that kind of driver.

4) The Hennessey K Cell GT

While this car was allegedly designed by an 11-year-old named Kyre, we suspect this model was created by Q, the beloved British innovator behind the gadgets of James Bond. With an exterior as cool as its name, the Hennessey K Cell GT generates thousands of volts of electricity through the two back wheels, which are then connected to the generator. Also, it can turn into a helicopter.

3) The Candy Robo-Car

This deliciously complex vehicle is designed to cater to only the most sophisticated drivers and pilots. With an engine that is fueled by chocolate (milk is preferable, but dark is fine too) and a robot servant for assistance, the candy caravan also comes equipped with X-ray vision rear windows. Plus, there is a cupcake and chocolate booster – that’s what we call a sweet ride.

2) Bumblebee Prime

Whether you’re fighting crime or trying to battle through rush hour traffic and get to work on time, Bumblebee Prime is the robot-car hybrid for you. The robot form comes with rocket boots for flight, a self-fixing mechanism for even the diciest transformer fight, a machine gun, and a rocket launcher. Since not everyone is a robot crime fighter, this might not be the wisest choice for your morning commute.

1) Beast Racer 210

There is not a hero alive who could slay this car. The Racer’s wings allows the vehicle to avoid even the most beastly traffic, but have no fear – there is an anchor in the tail for preventing unintended takeoff. The model is totally heat-proof and glows in the dark for all kinds of shadowy escapades. Not to mention it can also channel its inner Loch Ness Monster and pilot itself underwater.

Which car is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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