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A powerful snowstorm, a dangerous bike ride, and a good Samaritan all came together to change a Michigan man’s life for the better.

Tony Berard rides his bike seven miles down a busy highway to work the midnight shift at a grocery store. He was making that commute in a heavy Michigan snowstorm when young Jason Kapoor, driving in the opposite direction, first saw him.

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Jason swung his car around and offered Tony a ride.

“Without hesitation he said, ‘I would love a ride.’ Frozen beard and all,” Jason recalled in a story he posted on Facebook.

Last night around 10:30 I was driving west on M59 towards Airport when I saw person on a bicycle riding with the flow of...

Posted by Jason Kapoor on Sunday, November 22, 2015


Tony had been in financial trouble ever since his wife got sick — she couldn’t work and medical bills piled up. Then, both their old cars quit running. Tony didn’t have the money to fix them or buy a new one, so he did what he had to.

With the harsh Michigan winters at hand, Jason’s heart was moved to help the Waterford man.

So he told the Tony’s story intending to get people to give him a ride on the road–and, indeed, the next day, another stranger spotted him on his bike and offered him a ride. But a better idea was born after the post was shared 17,000 times, and the discussion turned toward getting the man a used car.

Jason launched a GoFundMe page called “Keep Tony Warm” and donations heated up. It raised more than $19,000 in nine days.

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As fate would have it, Jason works at a car dealership right across the highway from Tony’s job — and he worked out a deal to put Tony in a new minivan with a working heater for those frozen commutes this winter.

(WATCH the video below from WXYZ News) — Photos: Jason Kapoor, Facebook

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