John the Lawnmower Man GoFundMe page

This dedicated handyman is basking in the generosity of his very satisfied customers.

John Joyce has mowed lawns for years around the Pinellas Park, Florida area.

His 1995 truck broke down, but the 83-year-old man didn’t want to leave his clients in the weeds—he began pushing the lawnmower for miles on foot, with other yard tools stacked on top.

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Longtime customers Robert and Nikki Norton wanted to help, but couldn’t afford to buy John a new truck all by themselves.

So, they rallied community support, started a GoFundMe page, and chipped in some of their wedding money to get the ball rolling.

“He is one of the kindest people Nikki and I have ever met, and we need to help him,” they wrote on the page.

The Nortons hoped to raise $4,000 toward a used truck, but nearly 350 people contributed more than $13,000 before the campaign was finished.

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A local used car dealership sold them a 2004 Nissan pick-up at cost, so there was enough money left over for license plates, insurance, and even a new lawnmower.

Joyce had a hard time holding back the tears as he took the wheel.

“I feel like a millionaire,” he told WTSP News. “I feel like a millionaire.”

Joyce drove off the lot and got straight back to work.

(WATCH the video at the bottom from WTSP News)

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