Krispy Kreme donut glazedJia Jiang has designed a unique type of therapy to address his fear of rejection. As a young businessman, he wants to toughen himself for the inevitable “No’s” that await him in the future.

For 100 days he is aiming to endure one rejection per day by making all types of crazy requests, such as asking a stranger if he can borrow $100. (The stranger said no.)

“My goal is to desensitize myself from the pain of rejection and overcome my fear,” he wrote on his website,

He is also wearing a hidden camera which makes it a very entertaining blog.

The second day he requested a “burger refill” at a restaurant.

Krispy Kreme worker JackieBut the third day, he was destined to meet Jackie Braun, a shift leader at a Krispy Kreme with such kindness and can-do spirit, that he was never going to get a ‘no’ from her, if the request involved doughnuts.

His angle here was to ask her to make him 5 interlocking pastries resembling the Olympic rings. Surely this wacky request would succeed in coaxing from her a ‘no’.

Or, it might teach some other valuable lesson for business owners.

Braun, who was determined to please, grabbed a piece of paper and started imagining how she might create the custom order and even googled the image to find out what colors to use on the rings.

Jiang, was so impressed by her effort that he launched a Facebook page called “Give Jackie at Krispy Kreme a Raise.” He also later returned to the Austin, Texas store to thank her again.

The story has elicited cheers from everyone who views it.

(WATCH the video below)


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