Photo from Wrights Law student filmA high school physics teach became well known in Louisville, Ky., for his exploding antics in the classroom and letting kids ride hover boards they make in class.

But Jeffrey Wright’s most influential lecture comes annually without the use of props. The talk teaches about the life-lessons learned via Mr. Wright’s son, who has a developmental disorder. Through this story, he explains the reason why things work, and the purpose of life.

The story has been documented in an award-winning short film called “Wright’s Law” by Zack Conkle

(WATCH the video below)

Wright’s Law from Zack Conkle on Vimeo.


  1. What a wonderful father and teacher. I have known a very few parents who were given a disabled child and done so beautifully with them and for them. To turn this kind of challenge into a gift is truly rare. I wonder why the mother is not included in the film.

  2. is this on You tube or else where with buffering took me nearly an hour with a dual core and high speed cable to watch a 12 min vid want to share but if it took me that long hate to put others thru it thanks

  3. I also have hi speed internet and have no problems with other videos through youtube and other places. However it’s taken me half an hour to watch 7:11 of this. If it wasn’t such a beautiful story I would have given up long before now. I’ve been watching this so long my session expired !

  4. If this were a YouTube video it would be streaming a lot faster.
    It just depends on the server and how many people are viewing at the original point (not at GNN). YouTube is equipped to handle millions, while this provider must not be.

    Hope they beef up their servers.

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