This 5-year-old was all set to have a safe flight as an unaccompanied minor last month – but then the kindness of the crew made it even better

Since Southwest Airlines reportedly allows children aged 5 and up to travel unaccompanied (as long as it is either a nonstop flight or non-plane change layover), Aisley Schatz was flying home to Orlando, Florida from visiting her grandparents in Los Angeles, California

The youngster was on a non-plane change layover in Omaha when she tried to call her mother Natesha on her tablet, only to have the call give out.

That’s when Jessica Darnell, one of the trip’s flight attendants, offered up her own phone so Aisley could FaceTime her mother.

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Then, even though Aisley had been able to take some snacks aboard, she began to get a little hungry.

The captain of the flight, Wes Huston, then stepped off the plane and bought the young passenger some KFC chicken strips and potato wedges.

Aisley’s mom was so grateful for the crew’s kindness, she posted her praise to Facebook.

“With all of the negativity going around with airline companies and their employees, I want to point out these … wonderful employees you guys have and I want to give them a shout out for taking care of my daughter by going above and beyond when it wasn’t something they had to do,” wrote Natesha.

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