Post office workers in Iceland go above and beyond to make every delivery – even when the letter has no address.

A group of tourists had a great time while visiting Búðardalur, a city in the country side of Iceland with a population of 270 people. When they returned home, they wanted to send a letter to the hosts, but had no address or last names.

The optimistic traveler decided to draw a map on the envelope, marking out the property they wanted the item delivered to with a red dot, while listing any helpful details they could think of.

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Instead of a name, the sender wrote: “A horse farm with an Icelandic/Danish couple and three kids and a lot of sheep!” They added that, “the Danish woman works in a supermarket in Búðardalur”.

The persistent postal workers in Iceland ended up making that sure the letter found its way to Búðardalur, but this was apparently not a new challenge for the postal staff because they’d successfully delivered letters even when mailers change mailing address of their houses.

The Icelandic website Skessuhorn reports that many other customers have sent letters lacking important information – but the post office never gives up on delivering the letters to the proper recipients.

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When Reddit user Jidoen published a photo of the envelope map, other travelers started sharing their similar stories concerning outstanding international mail service.

“I used to work at an ISP, and I asked a customer to send us some info to our support email address,” remarked one user. “They wrote the info out on paper, put it in an envelope, wrote the email address on it and posted it. It arrived.”

Another said: “I mail a fair amount of stuff internationally. My favorite interesting address was just a guy’s first name and the name of the island in Norway. Basically just: Kevin, Sea Island, Norway.”

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Lastly, our personal favorite: “My friends brother got a letter delivered to him in Ireland with the address: Your man Henderson, that boy with the glasses doing the PHD up here in queens in Belfast, Co. Donegal. Inside was a piece of paper from his friend in Belfast that just said ‘If you get this, you live in a village.’”

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These tourists didn’t have a name or address to send their Icelandic hosts a thank you card – but apparently, the postal service didn’t need either.


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