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Brooklyn and her mom spend every Thursday waiting at the end of their driveway so they can wave to their ‘favorite awesome smiley garbage man’ driving by to pick up their trash.

The Bloomington, Illinois garbage man always makes Brooklyn’s day by giving them a big smile and wave in return.

Last Thursday, for little Brooklyn’s birthday, the mother-daughter duo wanted to do something special.

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With a wrapped-up birthday cupcake in hand, the mother and daughter waited for their cheery civil servant to make his usual stop by their house.

Brooklyn’s mom motioned for the gentleman to join them at the driveway where she explained that the highlight of their week is seeing him as the big truck passes by.

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The man, named Delvar, returned their compliment by saying it was the highlight of his week, as well –and even though he has special meetings to attend every Thursday, he makes sure to leave early so he can make it to their waving exchange.

“After he left, we continued on to daycare and Brooklyn was unusually quiet in the backseat,” mom wrote in a Facebook post. “I asked her if she was okay, and she said ‘Mommy I’m so happy.’”

“So… to ‘our favorite awesome smiley garbage man’… THANK YOU!!! Thank you for the joy that you bring Brooklyn every Thursday morning, for making her birthday special, and for making my heart happy.”

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