If you’ve been dreaming of a greener space for your Los Angeles home, then have no fear—the city is giving away free saplings to locals.

As a part of the city’s Green New Deal, legislators are aiming to plant at least 90,000 new trees over the course of the next two years. Residents are encouraged to help them reach their greenery goal by applying for up to seven free trees for their qualifying yards or community spaces.

Groups of school staffers, neighbors, and small business owners are also encouraged to apply for free trees to plant on their school campuses or shared street spaces, provided they all agree to the responsibility of caring for the tree during its first few years of life.

Participants can choose from about two dozen different drought-resistant tree species listed on the city’s website.

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Once a tree is selected, the recipient is expected to sign an agreement stating that they will water the sapling for the first five years of its life. City officials say that the saplings will likely only need to be watered once a week or less, but the first few years of a tree’s life are the most important years of growth.

“A family can sit at their computer in their PJs, pick out a tree online and have it delivered to their yard,” said L.A.’s first forest officer, Rachel Malarich, according to The Los Angeles Times. “All the work is done for them up to the actual planting. But don’t worry. The trees come with stakes, ties and fertilizer pellets, along with easy-to-follow instructions on how to plant them.”

If you want to apply for your free trees, check out the City Plants website.

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