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Maine’s first lady waited on tables for several weeks before people realized who she was.

Ann LePage kept a low profile, taking on double shifts hoping to make enough money over the summer to buy a new car, until a reporter recognized her as the governor’s wife.

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Her husband, Gov. Paul LePage, is the lowest paid governor in the U.S., making $70,000 a year. He’s tried unsuccessfully to raise the salary for whomever follows him into the office, citing the average salary for a governor in the U.S. to be $130,000.

The couple’s daughter averaged $28 an hour last summer waiting tables at McSeagulls, a seafood restaurant in Boothbay Harbor, so the governor’s wife thought it might be a quick way to raise the extra money for a small truck.

Mrs. LePage hadn’t worked in years, spending her time as a caregiver to her late mother who only recently passed away.

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Ann has kept her identity secret while shuttling lobster and chowder to tables full of summer tourists, only admitting to being the state’s first lady if a customer or co-worker asks her because she “looks so familiar.”

“It’s all about the money,” she joked with a WBZ News reporter.

(WATCH the video below from WBZ News) – Photo: WBZ video

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