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This gentleman is on a mission to reunite 100 homeless people with their families as a memorial to his “Uncle Mark,” a man who spent 30 years on the street.

Kevin Adler left his California home to travel around the country and help the homeless find their families using nothing but social media and his smartphone.

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He asks them to record a video message, which he uploads to YouTube and social media sites under the project name, “Miracle Messages.”

The first post was made in San Francisco, a few days before Christmas last year. A man named Jeffrey recorded a message for his sister, and, within an hour, someone had tagged her as the likely relative.

People in Jeffrey’s hometown raised $5,000 to help him reunite with his sister one month later.

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A man named Johnny received an overwhelming response after not seeing his family in 33 years. All his siblings recorded videos in response, and they all flew in from across the country with their partners and kids to reunite in person.

Right now, Adler is working his way down the East Coast, an unstoppable force determined to deliver 100 miracles.

(WATCH the WMUR News video) — Photo: Miracle Messages

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