man trips suspect fleeing police-FB video

Police in Kingston upon Thames, near London, released video showing the moment a member of the public nonchalantly raised his leg to trip up a man who was running from several officers.

Walking arm-in-arm with a woman on the sidewalk, the unidentified man used perfect timing and an effortless move to stop the fleeing suspect.

“He clearly played Sunday league football back in the day,” commented Bernie Crean on the Kingston Police Facebook post. “Hands in pockets and a little flick of the ankle…. Priceless.”

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The Borough Commander was “extremely impressed” when he saw the surveillance video and would like to meet the pedestrian so he can “personally say thanks!”

“So if you’re out there get in touch.”

Foot Chase

Tripped up...A number of Kingston Officers were chasing a suspect through the town centre over the weekend when they received some unexpected assistance from a member of the public!Thank you for helping them :-)

Posted by Kingston Police on Monday, February 8, 2016

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