A mysterious customer known only as Mr. Gary is being hailed as a dessert legend after spending over three hours buying other people’s ice cream.

Mr. Gary reportedly came into Sweet Sammie’s Ice Cream shop in Fort Worth, Texas last weekend to get his free street parking validated. Street parking usually costs $20 unless it is verified by a business.

When the employees agreed to sign off on the parking pass, the customer was so taken aback, he volunteered to pay for everyone’s ice cream.

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Mr. Gary then reportedly sat by the counter with a bottled water and started picking up the tabs of every customer. Sammie’s employees say that he kept upping his cutoff point as the night went on; first, he said he would stop paying at $100; then at $500; then at $1,000 – until finally he signed off on a $1,300 bill with a $100 tip for each of the employees.

The receipt was so expansive, it stretched to 7 feet long – which the Sammie’s employees reportedly plan on hanging from the wall.

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