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A San Antonio man was motivated by frustration after reading several Facebook comments that mocked a photo showing low-income children using the back of a pick-up truck as a swimming pool.

So, Todd Arredondo (pictured above) surprised the family, buying a new inflatable pool with his own money to help them keep cool in the hot Texas sun.

He also had the idea to start a campaign called “Pools for Kids,” to donate to other families on the West Side of town.

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Through Facebook and GoFundMe, he has raised nearly $8,000, so far.

Enthusiasm has overtaken him—he’s dedicated three weeks of his vacation time to the project.

“We started out wanting to help five families,” he wrote in an update to his campaign. “We are at the point of helping 24 families now. I will continue all summer to raise money to buy as many pools that we possibly can for kids.”

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Kids in Texas now have new wading pools, while others get to sleep in the first beds they’ve ever owned—thanks to a recent sleepover project hosted by the Dallas Cowboys.

(WATCH the inspiring video below)

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