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A Memphis teen’s offer to carry groceries to a man’s car in exchange for some doughnuts has led to a wave of online donations for him and his disabled mother that have totaled $278,000 in 13 days.

Two weeks ago Matt White met Chauncy Black, a “straight-A student” who was just trying to get some food to eat in exchange for menial work.

The boy struck White as someone who deserved a break, and he is getting so much more than that, after a GoFundMe page was started to raise money to purchase him a lawn mower for starting a business.

Through videos shot by Matt, people learned Chauncy slept on the floor, had tattered clothes, and a courteous attitude and willingness to do anything to earn money.

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Donations poured in and now a legal trust is being set up to manage the money. The pair have been moved to an undisclosed hotel, and Matt White has got himself a new family, with the top priority to do the right thing with a sudden windfall of kindness for a poor kid with a bountiful work ethic.

(WATCH a Daily Mail news report below)

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