Despite how their living quarters might be a little cramped, this shelter pup has just gotten the most devoted roommate.

Since animal lover Scott Poore is a regular visitor at the Great Plains SPCA in Kansas City, he is familiar with all of the animals at the shelter—but there is one dog in particular that has stolen his heart.

Queen is a 3-year-old terrier mix who has been at the shelter for more than 400 days. Poore, who manages the Mission Driven clothing brand for adoption awareness, says that he recently began to notice that Queen seemed to be “losing hope” in ever finding a forever home.

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“I have been visiting Queen every single day for over a year now and I can visibly see her giving up,” Poore wrote on the Mission Driven Facebook page last week. “She used to get so excited when I would arrive and now she just lays in her bed and looks up at me. I sit in her room and all she does is look out of her window, in hopes to make eye contact with her hero.”

So as a means of raising awareness for Queen’s plight, Poore packed a suitcase and moved in to the pup’s kennel.

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Poore says it has been tough managing his work while also living at the shelter, but he is determined to stay in the kennel until someone adopts Queen.

Since he settled into the kennel earlier this week, he and his new canine roommate have been featured on dozens of national news outlets, although no potential adopters have stepped forward.

That being said, Poore is taking advantage of Queen’s newfound fanbase in order to “pay rent” and raise money for the Great Plains SPCA throughout the month of September.

9/25/19 Update: Poore finally managed to go home yesterday after Queen was adopted by “an amazing man who fell in love with her story.”

(WATCH the news coverage below) – Photo by Mission Driven

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