Corey Jones couldn’t bear to see 89-year-old Art Quick living out the rest of his days all by himself – so instead of allowing the Navy veteran to face the world alone, Jones invited him into his family.

Quick first met Jones and his 6-year-old daughter Malia at the Family Golf Center in Antioch, Tennessee.

As the senior coached the father-daughter duo on their swing, he mentioned that he had been living in motels since the last of his relatives passed away.

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He also mentioned that even though he knew he couldn’t live in motels anymore, he didn’t know where to go next.

That’s when Jones asked the veteran if he would like to move in with him and Maila.

“I don’t think family is all tied with blood lines,” Jones told WSMV. “It’s the people who take care of one another, that’s family. He’s Navy, and I’m a Marine. That’s a close brotherhood there.”

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