Amidst the traditional slew of fake pregnancy announcements and social media jokes in celebration of April Fool’s Day, this math professor’s scheme is being hailed as the best holiday prank on the internet today.

Matthew Weathers impressed his class on April 1st by “accidentally” getting marker on his projector screen.

When he can’t seem to rub it off, he goes to Youtube to find a how-to video explaining how to remove the marker.

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The class is surprised to find a video of Weathers himself, transcending internet barriers to assist his future self in removing the stain.

The trippy prank goes on to involve real-life Weathers and internet Weathers using cleaning fluid, cats, and lightsabers to try and fix the marker.

It must have taken a massive amount of elaborate video editing to execute the scheme, because Reddit users have since started begging the professor to make a “Behind the Scenes” video explaining how he did it, which he says he will do in the coming weeks.

(WATCH the video below)


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