Cola Aid kits in Coke cratesSimon Berry is piggybacking on Coca-Cola’s distribution system to bring life-saving medicine to the places that need it most.

You can buy a Coke pretty much anywhere on Earth. Thanks to a vast network of local suppliers, Coca-Cola has almost completely solved distribution, getting its product into every nook and cranny where commerce reaches.

There are places in the world where it’s easier to get a Coke than clean water. In the 1980s, Berry was an aid worker in Zambia, and when he looked at Coke’s success, he saw an opportunity.

Today an essential health kit to treat diarrhea is made to fit exactly inside the empty space between Coke bottles in delivery crates. Berry’s effort is called, ColaLife.


(READ the full story in Wired)

Thanks to Chris Cloud for submitting the link!

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