Alton Thacker has spent the last 16 years making thousands of tiny wooden car toys for kids around the world.

Thacker, who operates the nonprofit called Tiny Tim’s Foundation For Kids, has helped to distribute over 800,000 of his creations to children in Iraq, Russia, Mexico, Pakistan, Ghana, and a dozen other locations. Additionally, many of the little cars are given to children’s hospitals in West Jordan, Utah where the nonprofit is based.

So as a means of thanking the 82-year-old for his work, Discovery Channel star Mike Rowe collaborated with the toymaker’s family to honor him properly.

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Rowe is the host of a show called Returning the Favor. The show features compassionate individuals in the community who dedicate their lives to helping others. Then, as a way of giving back to the generous role models, Rowe honors them for their kindness.

For Thacker, Rowe orchestrated a parade so he could give the toymaker $10,000 for the workshop’s rent.

(WATCH the heartwarming video below)

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