Drew Broderick knows how important a shower can be if you’re looking for work, or trying to keep your job, when you have no home. He’s been there.

When he lost his business and his home in 2008, what Broderick missed most was a hot shower. So, he turned his old construction trailer into a mobile shower and started towing it to missions and homeless shelters around North Fort Myers, Florida.

Since 2013, he has provided the homeless with more than 1,000 “hot heavenly showers” through the use of this innovative mobile device.

“They come out of there looking like a million bucks, giving me big hugs and crying,” Broderick told WBBH-TV with tears filling his eyes. “It’s been a beautiful experience.”Our keys!

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Now, he’s hit a bit of a road block: his truck broke down earlier this year, and the mobile shower has been sitting in a backyard ever since, unable to go where it’s needed.

Broderick’s not giving up, though. He founded “Showers for Homeless Fort Myers,” created a Giveforward fundraising page to get his shower back on the road, and is looking for people to help him take the gift of a hot shower to the homeless again.

(WATCH the WBBH News video below) – Story tip: Jennifer Nasworthy


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