Australian actress Nicole Kidman was on her way to get dressed up for the 90th Oscars ceremony when she decided to surprise a bus full of tourists.

The breathtaking movie star, who starred in such films as Moulin Rouge! and Eyes Wide Shut, was in the back seat of a car when she pulled up next to the tourists.

Instead of hiding behind tinted windows, she rolled down the window, poked her head out, and greeted the sightseers.

The women on the bus can be heard gasping in surprise before Kidman cheekily asks: “What are you doing on that bus?”

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One woman can be heard saying “This is my dream come true!” while another person said “I loved you in ‘The Hours’”.

Two more people say “You’re so beautiful in person, I love you” and “You’re gorgeous!”

Kidman, with her blonde hair casually pulled back in a ponytail, mentions that she had not yet done her hair and makeup for the Academy Awards. She then says that she hopes the tourists will have a good time before blowing them some kisses and waving goodbye.

(WATCH the video below)

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